Monday, 17 January 2011

Moving Forward

Whether we are aware or not, whether we feel like we are going in circles, taking a step back, or even standing still, we are always moving forward.

For those that are completely unaware, life is leading them into situations, which are meant to ignite their awareness.

For those with any level of awareness, every step, in any directions, is still moving them forward. It doesn’t matter if that step feels like a misstep or a repeat. It doesn’t matter if we end up back at square one, we still moved forward.

It’s never obvious in the moment, it’s only in retrospection, that forward movement becomes apparent.

That’s where words like faith and trust come into play.

Sometimes it’s really hard to believe that we are making progress of any kind. It can be really frustrating and that’s when many of us “give up”. But, that frustration is an opportunity, which if taken, moves us forward.

The universe needs our participation in order to do what it does. It requires faith and trust in the unknown, the unseen, the blankness. We just need to know and trust that we are always moving towards something bigger and better than what we are leaving behind. There is always activity going on behind the invisible curtain, and it’s meant to propel us forward. To help us attain whatever it is we wish to attain.

There isn’t a need for us to figure it all out, to control it all. In fact, the act of trying to control it all, contributes to those missteps. Worrying about it generates delays. And, if we want it to look exactly how we want it to look, we limit the universe.

There is much we may never understand, but there are always guides put on our path to keep us moving.

When we are faced with a situation that isn’t what we wanted, that’s when we need to remember that although it isn’t what “we” wanted, it’s what the universe requires of us in order to put us in a place or situation that will bring what we were hoping for. It’s still a move in the “right” direction.

There are many twists, turns and bends in the road of life. So if we end up in a place that we’ve already been, there’s a reason, and we’ve still moved forward. With awareness, we have reached the next plateau.

Faith and trust will get us there. Knowing that, we can enjoy all the steps along the way. We can enjoy what has been given to us knowing that it’s as it should be.

We are always moving forward. How far and how fast depends on our knowing and acceptance of this.

Picture taken at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden (Vancouver, BC)


  1. Such wisdom. I am further awakened in my journey thanks to your journey. Your revelations (beautifully artuculated) validate and reflect the steps of my journey that I now more clearly see. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for a very powerful and revealing moment for me. Lp

  2. So, so true... And to learn not to question where we are at each juncture is key.