Sunday, 23 January 2011

Letting Go

I let go and fell into a sandpit of knowledge and wisdom.
I let go and remembered something forgotten.
I let go and grew bigger, and stronger, and true.
I let go and discovered more of my soul.

It was bound to happen.
The rope I held onto had become old and frayed.
I’m quite sure it would have held me a little longer, but
I let go and released a bit more of my essence.

I’ve noted that I am still as I am.
I look as I did while I was still holding on.
You can’t see the change that has taken place, but
If you listen you may sense that all is not the same.

It’s subtle, it’s quiet, and it’s hidden from view.
It’s softer, yet stronger, more resilient and free.
It’s a force so strong one might be compelled to resist, but
It’s calmly and lovingly spreading through me.

I know that I have found more of me.
A voice that’s still timid though willing to speak.
A mind that‘s more open and willing to see.
There are ropes that still bind me, but they’re not nearly as strong,
as the rope I let go of, in order to grow.

Picture taken in the Latin Quarter (Paris, France)

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